Thursday, 5 August 2010

Year Old Crack

Crack magazine becomes one year old tomorrow and to celebrate everything they have achieved in such a short time, they will be throwing an almighty party at the sublime basement venue, Square club, Clifton, Bristol. The publication has not only increased in popularity and circulation since its birth, its done wonders for the Bristol music and arts scene. Bringing well deserved attention to emerging artists from the vibrant city, which bulges with creativity. In a world where PR stunts and record company funding can make or break a creative minds future, it’s encouraging that unbiased reporting based on talent alone remains the very essence of Crack.

Alas I will be supporting (at the bar) Kitty Bang Bang and her travelling stage show (monkey bike, fire, balloons, and Ballet shoes) at Big Chill Festival this weekend; otherwise I would be there in full force. To mark the occasion I would like to draw attention to a modest selection (top three) of my personal favourites, introduced to me by Jake and Tom. Be sure to give them the time they deserve for they were lovingly handpicked by the boys in order that our lives and ears can lead a richer existence. Let the celebration commence.

Trophy Wife - An Oxford Collective who also perform under the name Jonquil, I caught them live at one of Crack's infamous parties. They have a great sound and even better banal/arty promorional photographs, alas minimal youtube presence, you can however see them live instead, check there myspace for dates, as they are currently on tour.

High Renaissance Man - is Bristol Universities answer to Alan Partridge, if you can identify, then you're onto a winner/loser. Altogether thoroughly entertaining.

Francois and the Atlas Mountain - A haunting tale of folk at it's finest, captivating from the first listen, a true gem of Bristol. My ears have yet to experience the live performance, I get excited in anticipation, soon my friend, soon (just don't beat me to it).

My favourite track is Tour de France, however the graphics in this are fantastic