Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Jordan for Sale

A friend of mine has recently started selling her used stockings on eBay. She informed me that Jordan was doing the same, only with all her clothes. I question whether she’s an excellent pr woman or a mentalist out to encourage stalkers? Either way it’s all rather amusing and carries this tag line ‘Katie will be donating all the net profit of the sales to The Vision Charity and The Pituitary Foundation’ at least she’s doing her bit. Peter Andre’s uncle lives next door to me, no jokes, he is a wonderful man - you think Peter would sort out a nice gaff for his disabled aunt and blind cousin. Below are some of the delights on offer from 'Jordan's offical Closet', snap them up quick.

Jordan's workout video shorts, £16.00

Jodran's black denim skirt £39.99 as seen

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