Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dalston Roof Gardens

If you haven't made it to Dalston Roof Gardens yet you're missing a treat, the concealed pop-up bar sits neatly next to Cafe Otto, down a backstreet adjacent to Dalston Lane. Initially all that was on offer was wine and beer in hardy plastic glasses, expanding the offer to spirits at usual Dalston prices (£4 a pop, plus an unusual £1 deposit for glasses, one night at the end I went round collecting discarded cups and earnt myself a fiver). The house policy is members only, which is positive in creating an inclusive vibe. £5 guarantees entry for you and two friends, once registered you can come as often as you like. Upstairs (five flights) the view is superb with the city lights shining out from the bottom of Kingsland Road. It's a cute enclave with more space than you imagine. Underfoot is astro turf with minimal seating and an (occasional) covered area for sound systems. Scheduled to close its doors in October, this seasonal hideaway should be savoured before it's lost to the winter.

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