Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Dimly lit LED

"It ain't the party, it's what you make of it", was certainly a phrase suited to LED, on paper the line-up looked OK, yet it failed to really amount to much. Fortunately I hadn't scraped together the £70 required for a weekend ticket, if I had, I would have been more miffed. I sense the festival was trying to be too many things to too many people and not really hitting the mark, a melting pot of dance sounds does have the potential to work however in this case it didn't. The crowd was a mixed bag of agenda's that clashed in interpretation, nothing seemed to capture my interest, it was low format, easy to the point of basic, save a choice few. Catchphrases aside, the acts which delivered were Aphex Twin (who shone out amongst the rest, Die Antwoord even got in on the act appearing on stage with a microphone) and quite possibly Leftfield - if it wasn't for the leery 40 year olds who felt the only way to show appreciation to the music was to dance with their elbows at right angles to their bodies knocking everything in there path. My female friends weren't able to withstand the bruising and retired to a safe distance (we were already at a perceived safe distance). We did however have an excellent weekend courtesy of the extra help of a house conveniently adjacent to Victoria Park and an amazing host. The post festival parties of which there were many provided the release we had sought all day. I failed to return home all weekend as the vibe was that inclusive. I made my escape late Sunday with the knowledge that my bed’s owner was on route back from Shambala. With a heavy heart I bid goodbye to my fellow temporary housemates and wobbled away on my bicycle.

A blurry picture of Aphex Twin and Die Antwoord, we were dancing collectively at this point, creating a circle of power to ward off the haters.

Friday night's Soulwax, they were meh, down to the sound on the mainstage being SHOCKINGLY poor, that and the fact that their new stuff sounds like their old stuff.

This was also Friday, in fact the first thing we saw, I was mesmerised in by the contrast in height of the two men on stage.

Annie Mac, it started to rain, so went inside, I was surprise by how many people listened to Radio 1, perhaps that was where the problem lay.

Radio 1 listener?

Leftfield, padded protection advised.

Whilst we were in the ridiculously long guestlist queue this girl decided to take off all her clothes (unaware that there were at least a 100 people watching) and take a pee, it brightened our day up somewhat.


A party we escaped to, the theme was hidden faces.

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