Friday, 10 September 2010

It's Cool to be Kind to Oxfam

My friend Craig Lawrence, has designed a limited edition (1000) tee for Oxfam which will be available to buy at the Oxjam event on the 1st October at the Coronet. There will also be a tee by jewelery designer Dominic Jones, an illustration entitled Burning Trees.

The theme for the tee was climate change in response to the recent Haiti and Pakistan natural disasters. The aid required to deal with such events in poorer countries is astronomical. Craig said "my concept is that you have more fun having a family caravan holiday in Britain rather than flying aboard and polluting the environment. Just like I did when I was little, my caravan holidays were the best holidays ever!"

Craig launches his next knitwear collection at LFW on the 18th September, I was lucky enough to try on a few of the outfits, they felt AMAZING! Good luck Craig!

The beautiful Madeleine, the photo doesn't do justice, her eyes jump out at you.

Veronica So shows us her Teeth.

James queen of glamour, handsome chap

Muggins and her new, or rather old wheels

The talented Fred Butler

The adorable Stevie

The photographer Kirsten, very sweet

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