Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hackney Council Cribs - Clothes maketh the man

After admitting defeat I finally made the difficult decision to sign on the dole today, I had hoped I’d find a speedy replacement for my previous office based employment. Alas I was wrong. My flight is booked for the early Dec, with minimal funds every penny counts. A phone call later, I'm signed on, subject to appointment and out the door, hotfooting over to the housing benefit office. I arrive and it's closed, relocated to the rear of Hackney Town Hall. I sensed it might be a cost cutting exercise, considering the government cuts post election. My assumptions were way off the mark; in fact the building is a colossal super unit of impressive proportions, with Hackney Council encased within. It conjures up images of Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man, all glass frontage with exposed metal framework, I'm not sure what to think I like that it's tucked away down an unsuspecting back street. Inside is a vast atrium, complete with reception desk, the lady on the counter appears much more chilled out that of the old building perhaps symbolic of her new surroundings and the persona it brings.

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