Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dylan tops

About a month ago surrounded by new company, I encountered a trumpet player obsessed with Dylan. I mentioned I was into him also and that I owned 13 of his albums on vinyl, he quizzed me "What's your favourite album?" I froze and blurted out Blonde on Blonde, which of course was a good but knee jerk selection, and so I've given it some thought, searched inside and come up with the following.

Here's my top five Dylan Albums

1. Desire (Hurricane)
2. Blood on the tracks (Meet me in the morning)
3. Basement Tapes 1 & 2 (Open the door Homer)
4. Blonde on Blonde (Sad eyed lady of the lowlands)
5. Highway 61 revisited (Tombstone Blues)

Dylan is really styling it on this cover, love the jacket.

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